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The RIA 2 System is designed for reaming of the medullary canal for preparation of internal fixation, harvest of bone and bone marrow, and/or clearing of debris. Ports in the handle of the Tube Assembly allow for both irrigation and aspiration during the reaming process. Product Specifications. How to Use This Product..

Synforms modular hand inventory is a system that allows individuals to customize and personalize their prosthetic or bionic hands. It consists of modular components that can be easily exchanged and replaced, giving users the flexibility to adapt the functionality of their hand based on their specific needs. The modular hand inventory typically ...LCP Compact Hand Technique Guide Synthes 3 Part of the LCP Compact Hand System 4 modules, 5 dimensions: - Adaptable plates for different indications - Complete range of implants 1.0 mm 1.3 mm 1.5 mm (new locking) 2.0 mm (locking) 2.4 mm (locking) - Broad range of non-locking, locking and LCP plates to address various fracture patterns.Product Overview. The Acumed Hand Fracture System is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies and includes five solutions in one tray. Versatile screws, customizable plates, and dedicated instrumentation offer a comprehensive system to streamline the surgical experience.

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Synthes (USA) Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To Order: (800) 523-0322 To Order: (800) 668-1119 Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Implants Patient Information: J4963-E 9/12 Inventory Control Form Modular Hand System Implants and Instruments (Stainless Steel) 200.531 11 mm 200.532 12 mm 200.533 13 mm 200.534 14 mm 200.526 6 mm 200.527 7 mm 200.528 8 mm ...The AutoFIX 2.0 and 2.5 are available in 1-mm increments from 10 to 30 mm. OsteoMed offers screws in similar dimensions, including the Extremifix 2.0 (POD 2.7 mm) and 2.4 (POD 2.9 mm). The Synthes 1.5-mm HCS (POD 2.2 mm) and TriMed SHS 1.7 and Acutrak 2 Micro (both POD 2.8 mm) are alternatives, although the Synthes and TriMed screws are only ...About This Product. The Small Fragment LCP™ System features: Plates with combination locking and compression holes (Combi holes) Ability to create a fixed-angle construct utilizing familiar AO plating techniques. Screws with conical screwhead and large core diameter. Get in Touch with a Sales Consultant.Inventory Control Form Modular Foot System Implants and Instruments 2.0 mm Cortex Screws, self-tapping Length 201.808 201.810 201.812 201.814 201.816 201.818 201.820 201.822 201.824 3.5 mm Cortex Screws, self-tapping Length 204.810 10 mm 204.812 12 mm 204.814 14 mm 204.816 16 mm 204.818 18 mm 204.820 20 mm 204.822 22 mm 204.824 24 mm 204.826 26 mm

INVENTORY CONTROL FORM Case Information (eg, Case ID): Synthes USA Products, LLC To order: (800) 523-0322 Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To order: (800) 668-1119 RIA 2 Reamer Irrigator Aspirator Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Y N D Some devices in this form may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law and may not be for sale in Canada.The following tips can help you fill in Synthes Va Elbow Inventory quickly and easily: Open the template in our feature-rich online editor by hitting Get form. Fill in the required boxes which are marked in yellow. Hit the arrow with the inscription Next to jump from field to field. Use the e-signature tool to add an electronic signature to the ...Monobloc Flexible Reamers for Intramedullary Nails Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 1 In medullary canals with an isthmus narrower than 7.0 mm, or in sclerotic medullary canals, use the hand reamer(s) to widen the canal before using the power-driven reamers. Note: Starting reamer size should be maximum of 0.5 mm larger than the canal isthmus.The MAXFRAME™ System is a ring fixation system that can be customized by the surgeon to address the individual characteristics of each case and enables surgeons to construct circular frames for acute correction as well as gradual correction with computer assistance. 1,2 *. Product Specifications.Inventory Control Form Some devices in this form may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law and may not be for sale in Canada Please contact your sales consultant for items approved for sale in Canada. *2.4 mm Cortex Screws in lengths 42–60 mm are available in the 2.4/2.7 mm VA-LCP Forefoot/Midfoot Plating System.

Description. This mod contains a few features, first of all - Inventory HUD, it shows your inventory while you are playing, you can switch between mods (mini/normal and horizontal/vertical), also you can change background transparency and toggle animation on/off. Next feature is PotionHUD, it shows your potion effects with timer or duration bar ...A home inventory is a key component in documenting insurance claims, plus estate and financial planning. Read on to find out more. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Lates... ….

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• 23 plate options – From 4 to 20 holes in length • Lengths from 29 mm – 141 mm • 6, 10, and 20 hole wide T Plate options • 6 and 10 hole tine plate optionsThe DePuy Synthes Variable Angle Locking Patella Plating System is indicated for the fixation and stabilization of patellar fractures in normal and osteopenic bone in skeletally mature patients. Contraindications. No contraindication specific to these devices. 2.4/2.7 mm Variable Angle Locking Lateral Rim Patella Plates • Surgical Technique 5

2 DePuy Synthes Modular Clavicle Plate System Surgical Technique 2.7 MM/3.5 MM VA LCP ® ANTERIOR CLAVICLE PLATES The 2.7 mm/3.5 mm VA LCP ® (Variable Angle LCP) Anterior Clavicle Plates combine locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques. The following plates are available: • 2.7 mm/3.5 mm VA LCP LateralDIAMETER LENGTH. 03.113.024 2.8 mm 250 mm, 95 mm calibration. 3.5 mm Variable Angle Locking Screws, Self-Tapping, T15 Stardrive. LENGTH LENGTH.

extended forecast branson mo Inventory Control Form 4.5 mm VA LCP™ Curved Condylar Plate System with OPTILINK™ Screw Technology Some devices in this form may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law and may not be for sale in Canada. Please contact your sales consultant for items approved for sale in Canada. Ti/VALCPCC/ICF/V2 04/22 … the book of clarence showtimes near santikos entertainment palladiumhow do i reset my spectrum cable box Inventory Control Form LCP Clavicle Plate System Synthes (USA) Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To Order: (800) 523-0322 To Order: (800) 668-1119 Date: Hospital: Surgeon: Procedure: Implants Patient Information: J9001-D 10/10 3.5 mm LCP Superior Anterior Clavicle Plates, with Lateral Extension 3.5 mm LCP Superior Anterior Clavicle Plates HOLES HOLESLCP Distal Femur and LCP Proximal Lateral Tibia (LISS) Stainless Steel and Titanium. Synthes (USA) To Order: (800) 523-0322 Synthes (Canada) Ltd. To Order: (800) 668-1119. jewel deli chicken FLEXPATH INDEX MOD 2045 FUND CL R1- Performance charts including intraday, historical charts and prices and keydata. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks nectar bee nerve salvesam's club hours cincinnatimassillon inde obits Feedback, Use in Modpacks and Mod Compatibility. Feel free to use this mod in a modpack. If you encounter bugs or compatibility issues with other mods, please report them on the Issue Tracker. If you want to request a feature or modification, please use the Issue Tracker or make a Pull Request. cool math games The FRN-ADVANCED System is intended for treatment of fractures in adults and adolescents in which the growth plates have fused. Intended applications include: Subtrochanteric fractures. Ipsilateral neck/shaft fractures. Femoral shaft fractures. Impending pathologic fractures. Malunions and nonunions. Get in Touch with a Sales Consultant.2 DePuy Synthes 2.4 ®mm Variable Angle LCP Distal Radius System Surgical Technique. 2.4 MM VARIABLE ANGLE LCP DISTAL RADIUS SYSTEM. Plate features. Three head sizes accommodate . patient anatomy. • Narrow - 6-hole head (19.5 mm) • Standard - 6-hole head (22 mm) - 7-hole head (25.5 mm) • Anatomically contoured volar distal qvc2 on air now livewashington dc pollen count2012 ap calculus bc exam Inventory Control Form TomoFix® osteotomy System Patient Information: 5.0 mm Titanium Locking Head Screws, self-tapping lenGtH 413.324 24 mm 413.326 26 mm 413.328 28 mm 413.330 30 mm 413.332 32 mm 413.334 34 mm 413.336 36 mm 413.338 38 mm 413.340 40 mm 413.342 42 mm 413.344 44 mm lenGtH 413.346 46 mm 413.348 48 mm 413.350 50 mm 413.355 55 mmThe Universal Small Fragment System can support all 2.7 mm/3.5mm non-locking, LCP™ System, and VA LCP™ Locking Technologies. It consists of two components: A core set of instruments, screws, and standard implants. Modular anatomic implant trays for supported small fragment anatomy. Get in Touch with a Sales Consultant.